Sad News – RIP Albert

Sad to announce that we had another fox attack today. Albert Einstein was killed and Harriet was wounded — her left wing is either broken or dislocated. She is going to the vet tomorrow morning for treatment.

Albert was the last connected to the “original four” that are featured in our books. We know he was sired by Sheik Tyto, and Miss Piggy hatched and raise him — but we don’t really know which duck laid the egg, since the super-mom Piggy collected everyone’s eggs and sat on them. Albert was a big, gorgeous drake who was a dumb as a bag of hammers – that’s how he came by his name. Debbie kept saying, “No, over here, Albert Einstein!” when he would miss the entrance to the coop — and the name stuck. He loved standing on things like bricks to be a little taller.

Because he had been raised exclusively by Miss Piggy (and did not “imprint” on Abigail), he had no confusion about being part of the human flock.  He was a duck, period.  As a result he was a bit harder to deal with than the others when he had to be medicated, etc.

Posted by John Jackman