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Abigail & John Jackman

Abigail Jackman adopted four baby ducklings in 2011 -- and a real "Duck Dynasty" was born!  Over the years, Abby and her parents, John and Debbie Jackman, have cared for twenty pet ducks and shared their stories with thousands of fans on social media.  The stories of Sheik and Piggy, Amelia, and Princess Fluff-A-Lot fascinated folks.  As we built the ducks a pen and dubbed it "Duck Manor," many fans kept track of every turn and wanted to see more videos and pictures.  Soon, folks started to say "you guys should write a book!"  And now that has become a reality!

The father-and-daughter writing team has planned out a series of six children's books about their real experiences with their ducks - stories that include important life lessons for children and parents alike!  Once they met the talented artist Phoebe Lewis and she agreed to illustrate the books, they were on the way!

Abigail Jackman loves animals and has an insatiable curiosity about all of nature.  Living in the woods was a wonderful childhood for her, where she could watch blue heron, frogs, and turtles in her back yard.  She's garnered a pretty extensive and amazing knowledge bugs, and according to her dad, "knows more about ducks than anyone we know -- other than Doc Mitch, our wonderful avian vet!"  She loves science fiction, especially Doctor Who, and is interested in art and 3d animation.

John Jackman is an ordained pastor in the Moravian Church, but has also worked most of his adult life as an author and film producer.  He has produced several award-winning feature films, including Wesley and Newton's Grace, and numerous documentaries.  He was one of the contributing editors of Digital Video Magazine for over a decade, and has consulted or taught workshops for such prestigious organizations as the American Film Institute, the National Association of Broadcasters, and the Library of Congress.  His technical books include Lighting for Digital Film & Video (Focal Press, now in its 4th edition) and Bluescreen Compositing (Focal Press).  He is pastor of Trinity Moravian Church in Winston-Salem, NC, and is active in multicultural ministry.

Phoebe Lewis is an animator, Illustrator and story-board artist. She received her BA in Animation and Interactive Design at East Carolina University. Her specialties are 2D animation, 3D modeling, Game assets, video editing and story-broading. She also works on web-comics at the same time. The comic she’s working on now is “Out of the Ordinary”.  She currently resides in North Carolina just enjoying the sites and sounds.

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