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The Grapevine Creek Ducks: Book One is a picture book for children written by Abigail Jackman and John Jackman, and illustrated by Phoebe Lewis. Abby loved living by Grapevine Creek with her mom and dad. She particularly enjoyed watching the wildlife that lived in and around the creek. As she spotted ducks flying overhead one day, Abby thought how cool it would be to have pet ducks. When she brought up the idea, her mom wondered about the responsibility of having pets, particularly ducks that would need more care than a dog or cat. Her dad told her about the need to protect them from predators and he mentioned that they poo — a lot. Abby considered what they had to say, but she still wanted to get those ducks, and she knew she could take care of them. So, off they went to the farm store where they saw lots of hatchlings, both ducks and chickens. Abby brought four Pekin ducklings home. At first, they stayed in a warm, snug box in a spare bedroom, under a special heating lamp, but those ducklings grew quickly and soon Abby had her flock of young ducks.

The Grapevine Creek Ducks: Book One is based upon the authors’ own experiences raising ducks. Through the story, they discuss the basics of raising ducks, highlighting their unique personalities and their needs. While most kids do not live near a creek and cannot provide the living situations necessary for raising ducks, this book is a grand introduction to pets and pet care for families who are considering adding an animal companion to their family. Even though most of us can’t have ducks as pets, the story makes it fun to learn about them as Abby raises her hatchlings from ducklings to full-sized ducks. The Jackmans’ story is a great selection for story-time, but it’s also written at a level suitable for young readers to try on their own. Phoebe Lewis’ colorful and fun illustrations work so well with the text to bring this story to life. The Grapevine Creek Ducks: Book One is most highly recommended.

  • Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite Book Reviews

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